Saturday, September 17, 2011

Baby Tag Time!

It's my turn! I have a list a baby questions and I have to answer them about Tyler. Here goes...

Weight and length at birth? 8lbs 13oz 21in

(2 days old)

Favorite brand diapers? I got a bunch of different brands from my baby shower, my fav is Parents Choice. Not only are they more affordable, I think they fit and absorb the best.

Size diaper bag and brand? I got a big one from my baby shower that's made by Fisher Price, but I only use that for an over night bag when he will need more things like his bath stuff, toys and blankets. For his daily bad I use a small one that I got from the hospital that's made my Gerber.

Did you use a swing? Yes! He was either in our arms or in his swing for the first month. Now that he is 3 months old he rather be playing on his mat and doing Tummy Time.

(1 week old)   Haha! he looks like a frog :)

Do you recommend a mat? Yes! I have one that looks like a jungle and it's great for Tummy Time and also has toys that hang so he can reach for then while on his back. I didn't think he would use it but I just bought one and he loves it. I actually posted a video of him playing on it on my YouTube. You  can watch it Here :)

(13 weeks old)   Tummy Time

Do you recommend a bassinet or pack n' play? Yes! He slept in his bassinet every night and I had it next to our bed so I could keep an eye on him and it's easy to move around. As of two weeks ago he is too big for it and now sleeps in his pack n' play. We have a crib but it's in storage right now. When we move he will be sleeping in it and his pack n' play will be in the living room for naps.

(1 week old)   His bassinet

Do you use a soother/ what kind? I didn't use one until I stopped breast feeding. I use a Binky. I didn't want to give him one but when I did he seemed a lot more relaxed and it helped him fall asleep easier. He only uses it now when his teeth hurt.

What items did you buy but don't need? Um, I got a swing, changing table, stroller (with matching car seat and two extra car seats), bassinet, play mat, pack n' play and a crib. I use everything but I don't think you really need a crib if you have a pack n' play. I also want to say how amazing my friends and family are for giving us most of these things, even the swing that we bought with a gift card from my baby shower..♥.

Your must have item? Lots of moms say a changing table is not needed but I Love mine and use it for every changing. I takes the place of a dresser too because I keep all his clothes on it's shelf.  (the ones that fit him this month lol) I always sneak in a small Tummy Time after changes also!

(12 weeks old)    Tummy Time after I change him.

Any advise on breastfeeding or bottle? I think it is important to breast feed, or at least try it. That's why we have boobs!! I loved doing it, I can't really explain the emotional feeling other then saying it feels amazing. After only two weeks of doing it it started to hurt so bad that I would be in tears. I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong so I stopped. I felt bad but I knew I couldn't keep on. As for bottle, my favorite brand is Avent. I got a nice variety from my baby shower. I like this one because it has a ring in it that lets air in but doesn't leak.

(13 weeks old)

Bedtime routine? When he was born he was up for feedings ever 3 hours and that was extremely exhausting. Now that he is 3 months his bedtime is 9 and he has been sleeping through the night for the past 2 weeks :)

(5 weeks old)    Nap time!

Yours/ daddy's/ baby's hair and eye color? All of us have brown hair and bluish green eyes. Tylers eyes are mostly blue.

Any last advise?  You will always receive advise from people whether it's good or bad, it's your job to do what you think is best for your child. I find that multitasking is the key to motherhood. When you are buying clothes for your baby don't always go by size. I've seen some huge ones that say newborn and some small ones that say 9 months. Ask your friends to buy a verity of sizes for your baby shower. You will go through newborn sizes quick.

Well that is all I have for now. I'll be back with more baby fun, news, and advise soon! You can watch my baby videos while you wait :) Here is my YouTube channel... Subscribe, comment and enjoy.

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