Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Monster Week~ Kitcameo.Etsy.com

Dayzd lives in your television set and will hypnotize you to watch shows that you would never otherwise watch. Then, while you are zoned out, he creeps out into your living room and snacks on all of the potato chip and pretzel droppings on your sofa! Kit caught him between the cushions one day while she was watching the Fishing Channel.

Dayzd is one of her "Goblin in a Bottle" goblins, and she will be making only ten of each of these goblins. One of his brothers, Keez, is also listed in her shop, but a few of the goblins are living at Hyaena Gallery(www.hyaenagallery.com) right now. Dayzd comes with his own card and nametag, and on the back of his name tag is Kits signature along with the number of the bottle in the series. As you can tell from the pics she started with "1" ;) Later on she will add more quantities to this listing; however, she may not sell all ten here on Etsy, so please check out Hyaena Gallery and ask them about the Goblins in a Bottle!

P.S. Kit is also thinking about making Goblin Plushies to go along with these bottles! If you think it's a good idea please let her know at Kitcameo.Etsy.com!

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  1. I *LOVE* your blog! You post links to the bestest stuff (including to Kit - who's not only a creative artist, she's a sweetheart too).

    I look forward to more "monster weeks" in the future!