Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Monster Week~ FawnAndFinch.Etsy.com

Check out the little monsters on this "Monster Mania Pacifier Clip"!

No more chasing down the binky! Babies are notorious for spitting out their pacifiers when their parents aren't looking, but these pacifier clips keep them from getting left behind or falling onto an unsanitary surface. Just attach the binky to baby's shirt using the strong metal clip and it will always be close at hand. The plastic teeth prevent any damage to clothing while the snaps keep little fingers from tugging it off.

This new line of pacifier clips is double-layered with an imported ribbon front and 100% Italian cotton backing. They are super durable and will withhold any wear and tear your little one can subject them to. With a theme featuring friendly little monsters, these clips are as cute as they are functional!

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