Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fairy Week~Fairy Archway

Today's Fairy item comes from one of my lovely customers...NothinButWood. It was tough to go through his shop and pick out only one item to blog about. He has Fairy/Gnome doors, windows, mail boxes, bridges even a Chimney! My favorite item is this Rustic Garden Arbor Archway. It can be yours for only $60.00! This wonderful addition to your "Wee Folk" garden is sure to catch the eyes of passers-by and will surely be a hit for the Gnomes and Fairies in your garden. The archway is carefully constructed by Kerry and is an original design. It is approximately 12 inches high by 8 inches wide by 8 inches deep. I love how he assembles every piece he creates to make these perfect pictures.

If you've never heard of garden gnomes, gnome doors and the like, you're missing out on a lot of charming fun -- and probably a dash of good luck, too. The Wee Folk are especially at home in gardens and backyards; if you make them welcome, they'll repay your kindness with healthy plants and pets, keeping your karma in order all the while. :)

To see all of his other creations go to

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