Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fairy Week~Fairy Wings in Silver and Pink

Todays pick of the day was found at UpfromtheAshes.Etsy.com and can be yours for $100.00.

This is a breath-taking pair of large fairy wings: they were originally created as a modern twist of the Tinkerbelle character from Peter Pan. They turned out so well for their stage debut that I decided to make a few more.

This is #7 of my original design "Bella" style large size fairy wings. They look great on both teens and adults. This is a triple-wing design, which means there are three wing panels on each side. The fabric is sheer white crystal organza that has been airbrushed with silver and pink paint on the edges. The center of the back is decorated with a large gem-studded gerbera daisy blossom, surrounded fluffy feathers.


  1. I love your 'Fairy Week' series - what a super idea! Well done & best of luck with the rest of your feature!

  2. Such a beautiful feature, I'm off to visit UpfromtheAshes now!