Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chocolate Week~ delalmabakery.Etsy.com

I think this Chocolate theme is far too good to pick just one item a day. While searching around for my next yummy item I came across this 6 inch "Life Is Like Chocolate Cake".

Premium chocolates, ganache, chocolate glaze and chocolate cake all come together to make this fun and luxurious cake. Three moist layers of chocolate fudge cake with a rich white chocolate filling are covered by a delicious milk chocolate ganache and then topped with a dripped dark chocolate glaze. To continue the rich chocolate experience, various premium chocolates are packed on top of this cake and around the bottom for a unique border. Milk chocolate shavings complete this amazing chocolate lover cake. It's made fresh to order from quality ingredients. This 6 inch cake yields 10 - one inch slices or 5 - two inch slices, depending on how you choose to cut it. Look for this cake in other sizes and the coordinating mini cake to match!

Ok so whipe the drull up and go check out the rest of the goods at delalmabakery.Etsy.com.

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