Friday, May 29, 2009

Chocolate Week~

Cookie Dough deliciousness without any fuss, just eat it straight out of the tub or with some ice cream!! Watch out though, this Death by Chocolate dough poses a triple threat! It starts off with a deliciously smooth chocolate cookie dough base, add in tons of chocolate chips, then take it over the top by mixing in chocolate syrup! On top of that you then choose either OREO cookies, fudge BROWNIES chunks, or WALNUTS as an additional add-in, W-O-W.

This Safe & Ready to eat cookie doughs are specially formulated to be gooey and smooth and contains NO EGGS! This one is one of my favorites...did someone say pajamas and chick flick??

Everything is handmade, hand cut, and hand dipped! They use only the freshest ingredients and great tasting chocolate. This can be yours for just $8.50! Check out all of the other flavors this tempting shop offers at

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